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Strive (verb) : make great efforts to achieve or obtain something.

We are a boutique design agency that uses our expertise to provide solid web design to small businesses and organizations. We are passionate about creating solutions that add value and distinction to your brand. Our hybrid team executes with insight-driven results and creative excellence that transforms ideas into a measurable product. We are ready to serve through good quality and hard work.


Brand Discovery & Identity

How do you and your audience view your brand? Your name, logo, and company's personality are all important in how you reach your audience. We will help you develop each aspect of your brand.


Web Design & Development

Without a solid website, who will take you seriously? Your web presence is the most important piece to your brand. Our team designs for multiple platforms so that your website looks great on every device.


Execution Strategy

What good is a great product if no one knows about it? The perfect execution strategy is about managing the exposure of the product. We help you craft and execute your company’s strategy to engage and convert your audience into leads.

Journal: "Guide to Crafting the Perfect Logo"

Crafting the perfect logo for your company is one of the most important pieces to building a great business...

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